Some Lawyers Plan to Rent Paralegal Services in the Next Year

In a recent survey, it was found that 1 in every 5 lawyers will soon hire paralegals for to do some of their jobs in the next year. With this, it is safe to safe that more paralegal jobs will be open to the market start next year. Robert Half Legal interviewed 5 lawyers and one admitted planning on making the hire in 12 months.

For those looking to land in one of these jobs, the minimum requirement would be a completion certification coming from paralegal education institutions that should be approved by ABA or American Bar Association. In addition, the applicant should have a college degree to prove eligibility. This was also the common requirement from the general number of attorneys.

This survey was conducted by Robert Half legal which is a consulting solutions firm that specializes in paralegals, lawyers and legal advisers and professionals. The survey itself was performed by one independent research firm and withheld 200 phone interviews with legal experts or lawyers coming from large law firms and lawyers companies around US.

Among those questions asked in the survey include “What are the certification and/or educational requirements for a paralegal at your law firm or company?” Some of the responses include the following and their specific ratio. 46% for a certification from paralegal education programs which is also ABA approved 42% for bachelor’s degree, 28% for associate degree, 18% for a combination of bachelor’s degree and certification from paralegal studies.

Charles Volkert – the senior district pres of Robert Half legal said “Law firms and corporate legal departments are increasingly hiring paralegals to enhance legal services while controlling costs.” He also adds “Paralegals with advanced education and experience in high-demand specialties will see the greatest employment opportunities and earning potential.”

Another option for professionals is the utilization of a remote paralegal company